With a burning passion for all dance-related things, Bruno Matos founded Real Feel Dance Events in 2017. Since then, Real Feel has earned a reputation for high quality teaching and events, involving the best artists and covering a broad range of dance genres and event concepts. 

Our Vision


“Dance is a powerful impulse, but the art of dance is that impulse channeled by skillful performers into something that becomes intensely expressive...”  (Unknown)


Passion * Dedication * Values


Real Feel Dance Events is committed to developing and supporting ALL who wish to learn the beautiful art of dance and increase their physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being through the variety of our dance programs.

Our aim is to provide high quality dance instruction delivered by caring, professional instructors in a friendly, fun atmosphere. We focus on inspiring dancers to find their inner creativity, helping them to realise and unlock their potential and giving each one the tools they need to take the dance as far as they dream.

It is our belief that dance enriches life and creates communities through cultural awareness, inclusion and shared values. Dance education lays the foundations for success in all aspects of life - building self-confidence, discipline, connection and respect for one to another.

We believe that everyone can achieve their goals with enough focus, determination and discipline; Our promise is to hold your hand, make you smile and slide your feet towards your goals!



“Nothing is impossible…the word itself implies “ I M POSSIBLE..”

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.  It’s to enjoy each step along the way...” (Wayne Dyer)

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